ARCHITECT: IA Interior Architects

LOCATION: The Loop, Chicago


PHOTOGRAPHER: Hall + Merrick Photographers

Okta is a fast-growing IT service management company with multiple locations throughout the world. As part of their expansion plan, Okta acquired space in Chicago and Seattle and hired ACCEND and our sister company, Unimark, to build their offices. The national connection between the Skyline family of companies made Okta’s Seattle and Chicago office expansions seamless and consistent.


Due to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Okta and ACCEND developed a plan to divide their project into 2 phases while carefully maintaining safety protocols onsite to protect workers. After 15 weeks of planning and construction, Okta and ACCEND proudly unveiled 2 modern floors featuring conference centers, collaboration areas, huddle rooms and phone rooms with aluminum doors with sidelite fronts. Their new office also features a multi-functional café that can operate as a dining area as well as a large presentation space. Their cafe was designed as a nod to Wrigley Field, featuring brick columns, banquette seating, a large waterfall island and a café elevation that works as both a coffee and a cocktail / beer distribution area. The 2 floors are united by a new interconnecting staircase that encourages collaboration amongst their teams.


Once phase 2 was complete, ACCEND conducted an air quality study for Okta in order to proactively implement infection-proofing safety measures to further protect their employees. Based on data gathered from the study, ACCEND recommended and installed bipolar ionization on each floor that consisted of air handling units (AHUs) with upgraded MERV13 filters.


By mid 2021, the Chicago and Seattle projects were both completed and the relationship was strengthened between Okta and the Skyline family of companies. Together, we developed solutions to construct two beautiful offices amid an unprecedented pandemic. We salute Okta’s growing enterprise and look forward to working together again.  

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