Jim Melachrinakis

Operations Executive

Jim is responsible for the operational oversight of all of ACCEND’s projects and teams. Jim is a strategic thinker and utilizes this skill to properly plan for all aspects of the project including schedule, budget, and all other client needs. Jim takes ownership in maintaining all subcontractor and client relationships by developing his staff to ensure that all interactions are positive and personal.


Jim’s favorite toys growing up were Legos. He loved how each block fit together to create complex designs and structures. His excitement and fascination with building and construction grew over the years and pushed him to pursue a degree in Construction Management from Western Michigan University. Out of college, Jim landed his first job with a small general contractor specializing in fast faced projects. It was there that Jim learned that careful and thoughtful planning is imperative for project success. As his career advanced, Jim worked to educate the industry on the importance of technology and the benefits it has to the construction industry. Jim led his previous employer to implement new technology and bring them to the forefront of the Chicago market. At ACCEND, Jim brings bigger and better ideas as well as the same determination and knowledge to ensure that ACCEND operates at the higher level.



Jim leads by example. By constantly practicing thoughtful and strategic planning, and always thinking outside the box, he teaches his team members to be prepared for any problems that may arise during a project. He loves to share his knowledge with others and encourages his team members to do the same. By doing this, Jim is creating an environment of constant growth and learning. 


Ice hockey, family, traveling & outdoor activities 



  • Cars.com
  • Starter Leauge


  • Enova
  • Institution Capital
  • Mesirow Financial Auditorium
  • Mesirow Financial Fitness Center
  • Mesirow Financial Cafe
  • Fifth Third Bank Lake Forest
  • Fifth Third Bank Wheeling
  • Fifth Third Bank Evanston



  • Walgreen Company



  • American Society of Anesthesiologists
  • Science of Spirituality
  • Fletcher Jones Audi North Ave.
  • Ameritech Center Phase II
  • Discover Financial
  • The Residents at Riverbend
  • Walgreen Company Building 304



  • Soho House


  • CVS Caremark Inc.
  • Walgreen Company
  • Constellation Brands

Some projects listed above were completed while working for a previous construction company.