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PHOTOGRAPHER: Darris Lee Harris

Rakuten is a leading Japanese electronic commerce and online retail company that operates in 29 countries around the world.  ACCEND was hired during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to build their Chicago office space after our sister company, Skyline Construction, successfully completed Rakuten’s Bay Area headquarters


Our objective was to procure materials and refresh Rakuten’s space during a time of raw material shortages and permitting delays. The ACCEND team was up for the challenge and closely collaborated with the design team to procure 75% of the materials needed to complete the project before the start of construction. Our team also worked seamlessly with the building to gain access to the vacant building during COVID. This process proved to be a fruitful step that allowed construction to complete in 10 weeks by April 2021.


Rakuten’s new 15,000 sq. ft. office covers over 2 floors with upgraded IT infrastructure, a refreshed open-office configuration, and brand-new flooring, acoustical treatments and fresh paint.  One of the key purposes of the remodel was the implementation of a new state-of-the art AV system installed throughout the space to accommodate worldwide communication. 


Another fun feature was their new café, which is now double the size of the original.  The goal was to turn their existing kitchenette into a welcoming café where Rakuten employees could collaborate over food and drink.  The results exceeded Rakuten’s expectations and they couldn’t wait to unveil this new amenity to their employees.


The office aesthetic is open and airy with expansive city views. Divider walls help break up the space and provide meeting areas, while pops of colorful and modern furniture were sprinkled throughout the white space to create a youthful look.

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