3 Ways To Keep Your Space COVID Free

As COVID cases soar around the US, it is becoming an increasing challenge for companies to keep their offices, jobsites and employees safe. While there are many precautionary behaviors employers can ask their staff to follow, (social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing, etc.) it is imperative that employers implement additional, proactive safety measures to mitigate the risk of infection long before there is an outbreak. Our COVID-19 Task Force has spent hundreds of hours researching preventative methods to stop the spread of harmful viruses and germs. We have actively tested solutions since March and are confident in sharing these three recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in your office space or jobsite.

1. Use an EPA Approved Disinfectant Fogger to Sanitize Your Space

Occupied offices and jobsites are known for their high traffic areas with multiple shared use spaces. Continuous and effective disinfection of these areas is increasingly vital. Disinfecting foggers are a quick and effective way to clean and sanitize any space. The fogging process works by spraying a cleaning mist into the air that falls onto all exposed surfaces and objects in a room. This makes for an ideal way to evenly coat large areas, multiple surfaces and hard to reach places. There are many fogging solutions to choose from, ranging from highly harmful and toxic to safe and EPA approved.  Make sure to do your research to select a chemical solution, like ACCEND’s, that is safe to breathe, odor free and leaves no residue. This will ensure that there is no residual impact to your business or your staff. 


ACCEND’s disinfecting fogger:

  • Kills 99% of disease causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Is fast drying & ideal for construction jobsites, completed and occupied spaces, and high traffic / frequently touched areas.
  • Can be used as both a preventative measure and a quick way to sanitize a space after a COVID breach.
  • Is highly cost effective and causes no disruption to business.
  • Is EPA approved for the use against COVID-19.

Learn more here.

2. Prevent Infection Spread with a Repelling Protective Shield

A virus / bacteria repellent prevents COVID-19 germs from latching onto frequently touched surfaces such as tools, elevator buttons, door handles, desks, kitchen appliances and more. Virus repelling solutions differ from disinfecting foggers in that they are applied to an already clean space or surface. These solutions are designed to kill viruses upon contact, preventing outbreaks before they happen and reducing the need for frequent fogging.  

ACCEND provides an environmentally friendly anti-microbial shield that is applied to clean and disinfected areas. Our solution is 99.8% effective in killing the strain causing COVID-19. The anti-microbial shield protects any space for up to three months by killing harmful germs, particles and bacteria as they land on surfaces. With 16 years of research and hundreds of tests performed, this product is one of the safest and most researched chemicals in the world.

Why It Works:

  • It has a 99.8% kill rate of the virus strain causing COVID-19
  • 100% Green and EPA Approved
  • Reduced need for disinfection services
  • Large cost saving over time
  • Odorless and quick drying
  • Effective for 90 days

Learn more about ACCEND’s Anti-Microbial Shield.

3. Use a Virtual Jobsite Tool to Limit Gatherings

In the construction industry, it is vital that contractors, clients and project stakeholders have full project insight. However, the risk of an outbreak and the need for social distancing has significantly limited the number of jobsite visitors allowed on-site, industry wide.

Use a VR / video tool to conduct job walks and involve multiple stakeholders at once,  keeping all parties on top of their projects without needing to meet in person. The key is a 360-degree camera that video captures every aspect of the jobsite while being mounted to a team members hardhat. As they walk the site, it provides a virtual tour that captures the site and maps images to project plans automatically.  Some even create a self-navigated virtual walk-through which gives all users the ability to share construction field notes, compare images overtime, and notify team members of issues or changes.

Amid concerns regarding exposure and social distancing, this provides a safe way for project teams to communicate and successfully execute a project, even when the project teams are not able to be together on-site.

Why It Works:

  • It provides a virtual platform to conduct job walks
  • It eliminates the need for travel and in person meetings
  • The product is cloud based and accessible with any internet connection
  • It provides comprehensive photo, video and written documentation throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • It promotes a safer working environment by minimizing the necessary number of people at the jobsite.

Contact us to learn more about ACCEND’s virtual jobsite toolbox.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, a member of our team is happy to provide a consultation and demo.  

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